#86/87 - July-Nov 2021

Vol. 35, No 2-3

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After the Postmodern Detour

Of Wolves in Sheep's Clothing and the Damage Done

Barbara Epstein and Mat Callahan

What Is the Common Good?

Keti Chukrov and Mat Callahan

Thinking Systemically: Philosophy, Science, Materialism and Dialectics

Helena Sheehan and Mat Callahan


Shifting Focus: Organizing for Revolution, Not Crisis Avoidance

Kali Akuno, Brian Drolet & Doug Norberg,

Rethinking Power: Responding to the Crisis of Neoliberal Hegemony?

Emma Bell,

Lessons of Socialist Reformisms: Revisiting German, French, Swedish Social Democracies

Saeed Rahnema

The Full Employment Road to Socialism: The Job Guarantee Movement and the Challenge to Capitalism in the 1970s

Michael Dennis

The Marketization of Gender Equality: A Historical Perspective

Kevin T. Sharp

Wars for Oil, Wars by Oil: Understanding Petro-Autocracy and the ‘New’ Imperialism

Jesse Harasta

Engels’s Military Thought: Historical Materialism and Modern Warfare

Damien Winczewski

Counter-Hegemonic Strategy from the Global South: A Pluri-scalar War of Position

Thomas Muhr 

'Popular participation in every essential measure:’ The Influence of Cuban Mass Political Participation on State Economic and Labour Policy

Jack Grimley Ward

Alone with Berlin: The Infirmity of Isaiah’s Liberalism

Tony McKenna

In “solidarity with the so-called ‘backward’” – On John Berger

David B. Downing

Doing Justice Without Prisons: A Framework to Build the Abolitionist Movement

Ti Lamusse

Finding the Far Right, Leaving the Far Right

David Rovics and Matthew Heimbach

Never Throw Away the Key: Reflections on the Compassionate Radicalism of Bryan Stevenson’s Just Mercy

Joseph G. Ramsey

Where the Spirit Meets the Bone: Prison, Crime, Freedom

Kurt Stand


A Tremble in the Rails

Joel Sronce


Carl Boggs, Facing Catastrophe: Food, Politics, and the Ecological Crisis

Reviewed by Tracy Lassiter

Kim Stanley Robinson, The Ministry for the Future and Yanis Varoufakis, Another Now

Reviewed by Inez Hedges

Don Fitz, Cuban Health Care: The Ongoing Revolution

Reviewed by Allan Ainsworth

Steve Ellner, ed., Latin American Extractivism: Dependency, Resource Nationalism, and Resistance in Broad Perspective

Reviewed by Malik Fercovic Cerda

Dip Kapoor and Steven Jordan, eds., Research, Political Engagement, and Dispossession: Indigenous, Peasant, and Urban Poor Activisms in the Americas and Asia

Reviewed by Zachary T. King

Enzo Traverso, Revolution: An Intellectual History

Reviewed by Mat Callahan

Marcello Musto, ed., Karl Marx’s Writings on Alienation

Reviewed by Nicolás Arenas

David B. Downing, Just Theory

Reviewed by Tracy Lassiter

Slavoj Žižek, A Left that Dares to Speak its Name: 34 Untimely Interventions

Reviewed by Jorge E. Cuélla

Mark S. Ferrara, American Community: Radical Experiments in Intentional Living

Reviewed by Joan Roelofs

Marcelo Vieta, Workers’ Self-Management in Argentina: Contesting Neo-liberalism by Occupying Companies, Creating Cooperatives, and Recuperating Autogestión

Reviewed by Katherine Sobering

Heather Pool, Political Mourning: Identity and Responsibility in the Wake of Tragedy

Reviewed by Barbara H. Chasin

Joey Perr, Hands Up, Herbie!

Reviewed by Billy Lopez

Patrick Chura, Mike Gold: The People’s Writer

Reviewed by Harry Targ

Fredric Jameson, The Benjamin Files

Reviewed by Paul Stasi

Mark Lause, Soldiers of the Revolution: The Franco-Prussian War and the Paris Commune

Reviewed by Daniel Egan

Ravi Malhotra and Benjamin Isitt, Able to Lead: Disablement, Radicalism and the Political Life of E.T. Kingsley

Reviewed by Paul Buhle

Inez Hedges, Staging History from the Shoah to Palestine

Reviewed by Roberta Salper

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