#30 - Fall 2001

Vol. 15, No. 2
The Editors

The struggle to forge an effective movement against global capital marked a new level this year with the April 20 and 21 demonstrations in Quebec City, against the Summit of the Americas.  Macdonald Stainsby gives us a participant's...

Against Global Capital


Sadly they stared and sank in their chairs
And searched for a comforting notion
And the rich silver wall was ready to fall
As they shook in doubtful devotion T
he ice cubes would clink as they...


When street protests shook the "Summit of the Americas" in late April 2001, Newsweek responded with a column by Fareed Zakaria, managing editor of the elite periodical Foreign Affairs. He presented a standard...

Transforming Cities


The changes in Brazil's political economy since its transition to democracy in 1985 have not been kind to its urban landscape.  While at one point in the past there were concerns that cities like São...


Introduction: Metro Marx
Karl Marx, he who famously urged us to change the world not just interpret it, spent most of his life in big cities. Although he was born in a smallish Rhineland town, Trier, he fled its...

Debate: Marxism in China


There are many points of interest pertaining to the development of Marxist philosophy in contemporary China. This paper will focus on the following areas and problems: the debate about the criterion of truth; Marxist philosophical...


It is very useful to have from Professor Kang Ouyang an elaborated statement of the philosophical and theoretical roots of the "market reforms" initiated under Deng Xiaoping.  However, his essay raises fundamental issues in regard to...


We must all be thankful to Professor Kang Ouyang for his clear and concise summary of the main tendencies in Marxist philosophy in China, a country whose development is becoming ever more important to the fate of the entire world. It is...



In recent years there has been no shortage of progressive voices insisting that the left must abandon or renounce its historic commitments and adopt "new" ideological coordinates, if it is to have any hope of...


Throughout a rather short life, Arthur Rosenberg achieved fame in a remarkable variety of intellectual roles: Born and raised in imperial Berlin, he gained an early reputation as a prolific ancient historian. In the 1920s, after a...



For most of the period since the fall of the dictatorship (1974) in Greece, trade unions have been holding two separate May Day celebrations:  one organized by the General Confederation of Greek Labor (GCGL) and the Central Council of...


Reviewed by Terry A.
Kupers, M.D.

Mumia Abu-Jamal, ed. Noelle Hanrahan, All things Censored.  Foreword by Alice Walker.  (New York, 7 Stories Press, 2000).

The sheer feat of publishing All Things...

Reviewed by Ruth

Eric Parens and Adrienne Asch, eds., Prenatal Testing and Disability Rights (Washington, D.C.: Georgetown University Press, 2000).

As I sit down to review this important and wide-ranging...

Reviewed by Euripides

August H. Nimtz, JrMarx and Engels: Their Contributions to the Democratic Breakthrough.  Albany, N.Y.: State University of New York Press, 2000.

“Standing up in front of real,...

Reviewed by Hobart A.

Leo Panitch and Colin Leys, eds. with Greg Albo and David Coates, Working Classes: Global Realities, Socialist Register 2001 (London, New York, and Halifax: The Merlin Press, ...

Reviewed by Greg

Susanne Jonas, Of Centaurs and Doves: Guatemala’s Peace Process. Boulder, Colorado: Westview Press, 2000.

For a small country, Guatemala has an impressive history.  In 1944, a revolution tried to make...

Reviewed by Dave

Bertell Ollman, How to Take an Exam… and Remake the World. Montréal: Black Rose Books, 2001.

I’ve recently been embroiled in a collective anguishing over the exam and homework strategies of a 16 year-old...