#39 - November 2005

Vol. 19, No. 3
The Reawakening of Revolution in Latin America
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Today the specter haunting capitalism journeys through Latin America. The region’s ongoing social and political upheaval—be it through the ballot box or direct mass action—threatens the hegemony of global capital and neoliberal ideology...


The insurgency was a conscious initiative of the rural masses. The conscious aspect, however, seems to have received little attention in the literature on this subject. The omission is hidden in most accounts behind...


The Revolution must be good for everyone. It is like the Old Condor of the high mountains with his white crest, who must protect all of us with his powerful wings.
-- Francisco Chipana Ramos...


There has been no shortage of writing produced within and beyond Latin America on the so-called “indigenous movement,” particularly after the January 1994 insurgency in Chiapas and, especially, after the more recent events in Bolivia...

González Casanova

A New Way of Thinking and Acting

Among the rich contributions of the Zapatista movement toward building an alternative is the recent project of the caracoles (conches),1 which undercuts many empty...



Argentina has experienced a number of new developments in labor relations since the rebellion of 2001. The formation and expansion of the piquetero movement (street and road picketers) of the late...

De Echave

Mining in Peru: Historical Background

Mining in Peru is as old as the history of the country itself. From Colonial times to the present day, mining has been the main link between Peru and the world economy. Since...


We were sitting in the living room of his house in one of Santiago's elegant neighborhoods, surrounded by his collection of pre-Columbian art and other gifts from grateful admirers or foreign hosts. It was mid-...


Recent past and the current situation

In the recent past we have had 20 years of nightmare, of internal war between the Armed Forces and the police on the one hand, and the Communist Party of Peru-Sendero...


HIV Alert

Dear S&D:

In issue #37, R.F. Price questions whether HIV is the cause of AIDS (“The HIV/AIDS Controversy and Capitalist Science”). That “Exchange” piece raises some complicated issues about...


Reviewed by Victor

Ellen Ray and William H. Schaap, eds., Covert Action: The Roots of Terrorism (Melbourne & New York: Ocean Press, 2003)

This book offers a stunning refresher course on what is missing from discussions...


Hugo Blanco was one of the main organizers of the 1958-64 peasant movement in Peru. Sentenced to 25 years in prison, he was freed in 1970 after an international campaign. He participated in reorganizing the...