Capital, Hope, and a "Moment of Terrible Social Intensity": A Conversation with John Holloway


A convening hosted by CECOSESOLA in Barquisimeto, Venezuela (Photo from the South Sound Cooperative Network)

Matt Meyer & Suren Moodliar

In a year with few historical parallels and to better understand the conjuncture, Meyer and Moodliar reached out to John Holloway who has devoted a considerable amount of work to understanding the relationship between the rule of capital and the grounds for hope. In the resulting interview, one that takes a conceptual turn, a series of distinctions are evoked to clarify the contradictions that emerge in practice – social movements versus movements-in-opposition, the working class versus the proletariat, “the end of history” versus “shattering the continuum of history,” state violence versus righteous rage, capital and hope. Read the complete conversation at CounterPunch.