#82 - March 2020

Vol. 34, No. 1
Movements at the Millennium: Seattle+20
Edited by: 
Manski & Hillary Lazar

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Introduction: Seattle + 20

The Millennial Turns and the New Period: An Introduction

Ben Manski, Hillary Lazar and Suren Moodliar

The Meaning of Seattle

"The Seattle Model"

Lesley Wood

The Prefiguration of Seattle: A Battle Many Years in the Making

John E. Peck

Our Seattle, Ourselves

Dominic Wetzel

"We Are Winning" -- Ten Theses on Politics After Seattle

AK Thompson

The Dimensions of the Millennial Struggles - Studies & Essays

Making Other Worlds Possible: The Battle in Seattle in World-Historical Contest

Jackie Smith

The Global Justice Movement in the US and the Anti-Neoliberal Master Frame

Chris Hardnack

DNA in Movement: Reflections on a New Form of Movements

Marina Sitrin

Capitalism and the Immigrant Rights Movement in the United States

Marcel Paret, Sofya Aptekar and Shannon Gleeson


"Power in the Streets"

Lisa Fithian and Hillary Lazar

Indymedia and Media Activism at the Turn of the Millennium

Norman Stockwell and Ben Manskli

Seattle 1999, Creating a Two-Sided Battle

Jeremy Brecher and Suren Moodliar

Reflections on Organized Labor, the Black Radical Congress and Building a United Front

Bill Fletcher and Ben Manski

Another Road to Joining the Global Struggle; A Conversation on Race, Class, and Revolutionary Process in the US South

Walda Katz-Fishman, Jerome Scott and Hillary Lazar

Notes on Contributors