Editorial Note

The collaboration culminating in this special issue of Socialism and Democracy was born a decade ago, when I began to visit Mumia on death row at SCI Greene in Waynesburg, PA. We never talked about the possibility of actually working together on such a project, but our conversations always centered on uncovering the roots of a problem; our eyes focused on the moment when freedom movements would once again take up the task of transforming society. So we have explored the ideas and analyses in this volume over hundreds of hours of discussion spanning many years, interrupted only by the clank of a prison gate signaling the end of each visit. My mind and life have been profoundly enriched by having Mumia as a colleague, collaborator, and friend.

This volume would not have come to fruition without Victor Wallis's participation. His editorial work and tireless commitment to amplifying the debates and ideas of Socialism and Democracy are incomparable.

Johanna Fernández