#54 - November 2010

Vol. 24, No. 3
Marx for Today
Edited by: 

Returns to Marx

Owing to theoretical disputes or political events, interest in Marx’s work has fluctuated over time and has gone through indisputable periods of decline. From the early 20th-century ‘crisis of Marxism’ in Italy and France to the dissolution of the Second International; from debates over the contradictions of Marx's economic theory to the tragedy of Soviet communism, criticism of the ideas of Marx seemed...

Two decades after 1989, when he was too hastily consigned to oblivion, Karl Marx has returned to the limelight. In the last few years he has not only received the attention of intellectuals, but has also been the focus of widespread interest prompted by the international financial crisis, as leading daily and weekly papers throughout the world have been discussing the contemporary relevance of his thought.

In this context of what has...

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Kevin B. Anderson, University of California (USA), author of Lenin, Hegel, and Western Marxism (University of Illinois Press, 1995) and of Marx at the Margins (University of Chicago Press, 2010). kanderson@soc.ucsb.edu

Paul Blackledge, Leeds Metropolitan University (England), author of Reflections on the Marxist Theory of...