Notes on Contributors

Atilio A. Boron is Professor of Political Theory at the University of Buenos Aires and Director of PLED, the Latin American Program of Distance Education in the Social Sciences of the Centro Cultural de la Cooperación Floreal Gorini. His most recent books are Socialismo Siglo Veintiuno: ¿Hay vida después del neoliberalismo? (2008) and (with Andrea Vlahusic) El lado oscuro del imperio: La violación de los derechos humanos por los Estados Unidos (2009). <> Marxa Chávez is a Bolivian sociologist and journalist, and a member of the Union of Independent Media in La Paz. She is the co-editor (with Patricia Costas and Alvaro García) of Sociology of Social Movements. <> Gustavo Esteva is a grassroots activist and a deprofessionalized intellectual. He has helped create national and international networks and grassroots organizations. He was an adviser to the Zapatistas in their negotiations with the Mexican government. He is the author of more than 30 books (including Grassroots Postmodernism) and many essays and is a columnist in La Jornada <> Jeremy Lester is a Senior Lecturer in Politics at the University of Reading. He is the author of Modern Tsars and Princes: The Struggle for Hegemony in Russia; The Dialogue of Negation; Six Characters in Search of a Dialogue; Stones of Resistance; and, most recently, a series of short stories entitled Unframed Pictures: Radical Tales from Latin America. He is also the Director of The Theatre of Living Ideas, ‘performances’ of which have been held in London, Moscow, Paris and Florence. <> Bernardo Mançano Fernandes is a professor of geography at the Universidade Estatal Paulista and an adviser to the Via Campesina. He is the co-author (with Pedro Stedile) of Brava Gente: A Trajectoria do MST E a Luta Pela Terra no Brasil (1999); MST. Formação e Territorialização (1999); Questão Agraria, Pesquisa e MST (2001). <> Laura Meyer and María Chaves are sociologists and teach at the University of Buenos Aires. They are also activists with the socialist feminist collective Pan y Rosas ( <> Mario A. Murillo is associate professor and chair of the department of Radio, Television and Film in the School of Communication at Hofstra University. A 2008-09 Fulbright Scholar in Colombia, he is the author of Colombia and the United States: War, Unrest and Destabilization (Seven Stories, 2004). He blogs at Gerardo Rénique is Associate Professor of History at the City University of New York and is on the board of directors of the Brecht Forum. He is a frequent contributor to NACLA Report on the Americas, contributing author and Latin American editor for the 8-volume International Encyclopedia of Revolution and Protest (2009), author of a chapter in the forthcoming Century of Revolution: Insurgent and Counterinsurgent Violence during Latin America’s Long Cold War, and co-producer with Tami Gold of Land Rain and Fire: Report from Oaxaca, a video of the 2006 uprising. <> James W. Russell teaches sociology at Eastern Connecticut State University. His recent books include Class and Race Formation in North America (2009) and Double Standard: Social Policy in Europe and the United States (2006). He works with an organization advocating a defined-benefit retirement program for Connecticut state workers. <> Bill Schaap is an attorney in New York City who has written and edited numerous books and articles on US intelligence. With his wife, Ellen Ray, he co-founded CovertAction as well as Lies of Our Times magazine. He has testified before Congress, the United Nations, and federal and state courts on the abuses of the intelligence agencies. <> Len Weinglass has served as legal counsel over the past five decades in the defense of the Chicago Eight (with Bill Kunstler), in the Pentagon Papers trial, the trial of Angela Davis, the defense of Russell Means in Phoenix, a series of death penalty cases in the South, the defense of Kathy Boudin, and many others. <> Mel Wulf has practiced law in New York for half a century, including fifteen years (1962-1977) as Legal Director of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). <> Simona Yagenova, a political scientist, coordinates the Social Movements Area at FLACSO (Latin American Social Science Faculty) – Guatemala. Rocio Garcia is an anthropologist and researcher with FLACSO – Social Movements Area. Yagenova is the author of La protesta social en Guatemala (Guatemala: FLACSO, 2007). <> Raúl Zibechi edits the International Section of the weekly Brecha (Montevideo); he also writes for La Jornada (Mexico City) and the International Relations Center (Silver City, NM). He is a professor and researcher at the Popular Education Center of the Multiversidad Franciscana de América Latina. His most recent books are Autonomías y emancipaciones: América Latina en movimiento (2008) and Territorios en resistencia: Cartografía política de las periferias latinoamericanas (2008). <