Stepping Up for Texas! – S&S Special Show, February 24, 2021

The freeze set in, and the lights went out! And Texans found that free-market fundamentalists can’t keep you warm and definitely won’t keep the water running. Also, climate change does not care about ideology!

It might be too early to talk about the numbers, the suffering, and the resistance, but neighbors are helping neighbors. Even with the pandemic, mutual aid groups and grassroots support have been reaching out, across borders, to stand with Texans.

But far, far more is needed. As with Puerto Rico and other disaster-struck regions, what aid arrives will never replace the structural changes to the economy and to the power structure that are needed to guarantee security for all, not just for those who can jet off to Cancun.

This conversation, guest hosted by David Cobb, long-time Texas organizer now residing in California, will bring impacted community activists, organizers, and policy experts from Texas and Louisiana into the dialogue. We will turn to them to let us know how we can help, what they have learned, and how we can elevate mutual aid to a national and global plane.