A Conversation with Marge Piercy on Art & Politics, May 13, 2021

Join Shelter & Solidarity and independent socialist magazine Monthly Review for a live conversation with path-breaking radical thinker, activist, and best-selling, world-famous author Marge Piercy. For the past fifty years, few creative writers have been in deeper dialogue with the movement for emancipatory revolution than poet and novelist Marge Piercy. Author of over 20 books of poetry alone, such as her most recent On the Way Out, Turn Off the Light, and trailblazing works of speculative fiction (including Woman on the Edge of Time), Piercy’s writings both vividly illuminate the outrages and absurdities of the present system, and imagine inspiring possibilities for humanity beyond its current bonds of oppression. For decades, Marge has walked her talk through grassroots political practice, helping to build and inspire social movements for feminism, peace, equality and a world beyond empire and exploitation. Join us for a deep dive with Marge Piercy about her life of activism, and the politics and artistry of her written work. Co-hosted by Joe Ramsey of Shelter & Solidarity and Camila Valle, Assistant Editor at Monthly Review.