Chris Hedges at the Community Church of Boston – On the Culture of Despair, December 20, 2020

Shelter & Solidarity’s host, Joe Ramsey hosted Chris Hedges at an event organized by the Community Church of Boston

Correction: Dean Stevens is the Community Church of Boston’s Administrator & Musical Director. Contrary to the opening credits, he is not the Congregational Director. This was an editing error on our part.

During Chris Hedges’s talk and the discussion period, several books were cited and shared in the Zoom chat. Below is a list of the links shared during the conversation; these are in order of presentation, some works cited were ones that made points that the speakers shared and others are exemplary of views they reject:

1. Shelter & Solidarity’s Community Roundtable

2. Chris H.’s show on RT Chris’s show on RT

3. About “Caged”

4. The Politics of Cultural Despair

5. Michael Coard’s op-ed

6. Matt Taibbi’s Hate, Inc.

7. Biden and MBNA

8. American Fascists

9. James Luther Adams

10. Death of the Liberal Class

11. On Blinken

12. On Tanden, OMB nominee

13. Angela Davis

14. Community Church of Boston’s email address:, mailing address: 565 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02116; CCB on YouTube: CCB Recordings:

15. On Deb Haaland whom Marilyn referenced

16. America: The Farewell Tour

17. Richard Rorty, Achieving Our Country

18. David Sirota on AOC and the Democratic Party attacks on its left:

19. Question from LC on Chris H.’s point about left-wing populism

More on “left-wing populism”

19.1. what does that look like?
19.2. where do you see signs of such a movement/objective basis for hope emerging?
19.3. what are blockages to that potential that we need to work on removing?
19.4. how can listeners contribute to that necessary alternative?

20. Chris Hedges on Gaza

21. On Andrea Dworkin

22. Samuel Huntington’s “Crisis of Democracy”,(%20ISBN%20978%2D0814713655).

23. Days of Destruction, Days of Hope

24. Extinction Rebellion

25. Need for a vegan diet