What Is Left?

After the railroading by judges & lawyers,
After the inpod & outside recreation,
After the barbed wires & the fences,
What is left?

After the solitary confinement,
After the five-point restraints finally come off,
After the sadistic abuse, torture & maltreatment,
What is left?

After the cell-extraction & the goon squads,
After the bullpens & the bullshit,
What is left?

After many setbacks & disappointments,
After the razor on the wrist & the noose on the neck,
What is left?

After you learn that the prison industry complex is a hustle
and Justice is reserved for some,
and the foot on my neck is part of a body,
What is left?

After you learn that Abraham Lincoln didn’t free
our ancestors out of moral obligation
but only to save the Union,
After you realize that as long as capitalism exists
there will never be equality,
What is left?

After you hear silence talking & the walls start to close in,
After you realize the strong go above & beyond
while the weak just go along,
What is left?

My mind refuses to give up,
My heart continues to beat,
My eyes observing the truth,
My Quest for Revolution is All
I have left.

Peter Kamau Mukuria

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