D. H. Melhem 3

As a tribute to our late colleague, here are two poems from her last collection, followed by an appreciation by Robert Roth. The poems appeared in D. H. Melhem, Art and Politics / Politics and Art (Syracuse: Syracuse University Press, 2010), pages 59 and 23, respectively. ©Syracuse University Press. Reproduced with permission from the

For  D. H.
by Robert Roth

My mother had just returned from three harrowing months of being in hospitals and rehab centers. She was half out of her mind, disoriented and frightened and angry. Nothing seemed to be able to pull her out of it.

She had a piece in the new issue of And Then, a magazine I co-create with some friends. D. H. sent me a very warm and insightful note about what my mother had written. D. H. was very kind to me during that time my mother was in the hospital. In all the years I knew her, she was always encouraging me and making me feel special and important.

I have turned everything upside down to try and find that note, but haven’t yet been able to. Here though is an account of me showing the note to my mother.



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